Octoberfest 2018

As a young lad, I believed that Octoberfest is like a huge party with free flowing beer taps, lots of food, lots of girls, and lots of drunken fist fights. Like a stereotypical rock concert but instead of black shirts and pants, people wear floral printed shirts, denim shorts, and sandals. I don’t know where I got the mental image but it sure is a party I’d like to be a part of.

Now, as a 29 year old head chef of a restaurant, it meant one thing to me: Unlimited Pulutan. Yes, for 2 years now, Benny’s Lounge has been serving unlimited beer and unlimited pulutan for one day in October. The thought always drills a hole in my head mainly because I really don’t want to repeat any pulutan served the year prior but there’s only so much pulutan one can serve given the parameters present.

There must be an infinite number of pulutan one can serve at any given inuman but there are a lot of factors that we need to consider. Speed, quality, cost, just to name a few. A lot of non-kitchen people do not understand how certain pulutans can serve as a choke point on service and production. Take for example baked oysters. Yes, oysters are good and hella cheap but the labor required more than makes up for its dirt cheap price. Intensive cleaning, dangerous shucking. Not to mention the equipment needed for such an item. Oysters are highly perishable and should be kept at cold temperatures. Imagine the space needed for such an item. Say we chose to serve three oysters per serving. Three average sized oysters will take up about 5×3 inches of precious chill space. Say we plan to serve a hundred servings of oysters. (5×3)100. That’s just one factor of one pulutan. How about the other 9? Yes we serve more or less 10 kinds of pulutan during Octoberfest. I’m just rambling. These are the things that one must think about in advance before commiting. It’s never an easy thing but luckily, we always push through. Even considering the minor less-than-desired occurrences, our events are always generally successful

This year however, we were struck by inspiration. One of our partners recently went to a trip to Korea and found out that where are a lot of ‘Chicken and Beer’ restaurants. Well, that makes a lot of sense. Chicken and beer goes well together. There wasn’t much debate after that. This Octoberfest 2018, we will serve unlimited wings and unlimited beer! Yes! A promo which I will probably participate in myself. This very much excited me because first of all, a huge workload has been lifted from the kitchen. Instead of preparing 11 kinds of pulutan for hundreds of people, we’ll prepare ONE. Not that we’re looking forward to do less work. It just means that we can focus more on the quality of one single product instead of spreading out thin to 11. As i’ve said before: Quality is a limited ingredient. Spread it out and you’ll taste less of it. Of course we’re still going to offer more or less 10 different flavors but preparing 10 sauces and dry rubs is still a far cry from preparing 10 dishes.

It’s an understatement to say that I’m excited for this. I hope to see you and drink with you this October. Watch this space for more details!

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