Your chicken wing flavor reveals your personality

Deep fried chicken wings have always been a long time favorite not just among Filipinos but by all food lovers around the world. In 1964, from the usual deep dried chicken wings, a New Yorker named Teressa Bellissimo added hot sauce as a late night snack for her son and his friends and this started the famous Buffalo wings. It then became one of the favorite pairs for beer and for Filipinos, with rice!

This October 19, Benny’s Lounge, located at Rizal Ave. Extension, Malabon is giving you not just your original deep fried and hot-sauced wings but 10 different chicken wing flavors that can match your taste buds.

I was fortunate enough to taste test these flavored wings at Benny’s Lounge, Malabon. Each of them have a personality of their own to match yours.

Which one are you?

Benny’s Original Buffalo- You are hot and everybody wants to be around you because of your hotness!

Honey Garlic- You have that balanced level of sweetness and you definitely have that sexual appeal!

Honey Soy- You are not just sweet but juicy! Your curves are right where they should be. Your muscles can send a woman to chills!

Honey Butter- You are sweet but easily angered. This makes you a person people would like to be with but would not want to mess with!

Teriyaki- You have an oriental beauty that easily captivates those who see you. You have that mix of personality that is unique and can easily be remembered.

Barbecue – Your attractiveness shows best when put under fire! No struggle can put you down.

XXXTra Hot- You are just way too hot! People need to step up if they want to be with you. If not, you’ll definitely sting them!

Sweet and Spicy- You can be that good girl/ good guy and the one with the umph! It’s not hard for people to notice how flexible you can be which is so interesting to see.

Chili Cheese- Being plain is not in your vocabulary! You have that classic look with a hotness that is just right.

Salt and Pepper- You bring life to even the dullest moments. Your luster makes people want more of you.

Whichever flavor of chicken wings suit you, you can taste all of them with no limits and pair them up with unlimited beer too! So get your calendar and mark October 19, 2018. Benny’s Lounge’s unlimited chicken wings and beer starts at 8pm so it is best to get your tickets, come early, and find your best seats. It is going to be one night to party and enjoy in Malabon!

Let’s wing it!

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